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Composer Quests

by Michael Chadwick

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Dog eat dog world Hey let's go! Sam: Let's do it right Let's do it right now Hey you, what're you trying to say? Everything keeps coming out the wrong way You keep using words you can't define We've got find a way to make our thoughts align Mike: Hey you, are you even hearing me? Just shut up long enough to listen Open your ears, open your brain Do we push through it, or start over again? Chorus: Trying so hard to find My own piece of mind Doing all I can But it's a dog eat dog world
Verse1: We’re off to Battle with the Sunrise, Boys, Drink to the foam tonight You may want to run, But you should stay and fight We steam ahead for Country, our shipmates and our kin, But our guns are loaded and ready for war, We may not be home again On our way home from a secret mission On a moonless night pitch dark Only god and the navigator Have any clue where we are Refrain x1: Honor, courage, and glory Are the Lives, that we lead. Honor, courage, and glory Are the reason, that young men bleed. Verse 2: On a calm pacific morning On the 30th of July Report of a fast wake inbound And we know that this is our time Don your gear, sound the alarm And Man your battle posts Mutter a hushed prayer To the father, son, and holy ghost Emergency evasion! Torpedo off the starboard side its too late to avoid it, the hull is blown open wide Refrain: Honor, courage, and glory Are the Lives, that we lead. Honor, courage, and glory Are the reason, that young men bleed. Verse3: She’s taken on too much water Abandon ship! We’re going down! Boys cut the life boats free now Or we will surely drown Jump overboard and swim toward shore As fast as you may Take stock of your provisions We might be out here for days Poseidon reclaims his property And all we can do is wait Refrain2: And if you should fall Never again to rise We’ll drink to you, one and all For giving up your lives Verse 4: Though we could not save good ship and crew We did as we had sworn Nearly a thousand men Lost to the deep So that Little Boy might be born Those not lost to the fight Still had to carry on 300 grateful sailors Fought the merciless ocean and won Refrain2: And those who have fallen Our brothers at arms We’ll drink to you, one and all For giving up your lives


Composer Quest was a wonderful podcast that ran from 2013-2016. It was created by musician and composer Charlie McCarron .

Charlie would often challenge listeners to so-called "Composer Quests", which involved composing/recording original works, sometimes with other people.

I'm a big fan of the podcast and the quests, and so I did a bunch of the them over the podcast's tenure. These are the results.



released May 6, 2021

Thank you to all my wonderful Composer Quest co-composers, and Charlie McCarron for starting and running the podcast.




Nebyoolae San Diego, California

Hi, I'm Mike! I write music that hopefully makes you respond with "Cool!", an appreciable nod, and at least the occasional head bang, because that's the best genre of music there is.

I also make 90s-influenced pop rock as Fenchy (fenchy.bandcamp.com), and funky alt rock with Fly Like Venus (flylikevenus.bandcamp).
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