by Adversapolis

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Originally created for the 2010 RPM Challenge (, Adversapolis is a unique collection of songs written and recorded in a month. These are really "songs", too, as they all (save for one) have lyrics, unlike most everything I do.

The words were largely written during a particularly self-reflective time in life, and it's hard to identify completely with the sentiments contained therein nowadays. Still, despite the hasty and crude recording of some of it, it's a time machine to a certain time in my life that I want to remember.


released March 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Nebyoolae San Diego, California

Hi, I'm Mike! I write music that hopefully makes you respond with "Cool!", an appreciable nod, and at least the occasional head bang, because that's the best genre of music there is.

I also make 90s-influenced pop rock as Fench (, and funky alt rock with Fly Like Venus (flylikevenus.bandcamp).
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Track Name: Pinto
Walking down the road, it's easy to see
That you don't need me
I am so lost that I can't breathe
Trying to leave, but I don't know where to go

Now I'm going down
And I'm losing ground
And I'm outta sound
And it can't be found

I don't know how I got here
And I don't know how I'm gonna get out
There's another way for me to feel relief
Gotta move on, gotta run on,
Gotta keep myself together now
Track Name: Gone For Awhile
"I am The One", is what you say
In your calm and casual way
Together with each other
Is the only state we're legal in

I lay you down in misery
We're in love, can't you see?
Straight face hides who's listening
Watch the rain come down in our room
Watch as drops descend

Gone for awhile
Is what I'll be when I leave
Gone for awhile
There is nothing left of me

Analyze 'til death does us part
Analyze, don't get past start
You left me, I let you go
Juliet says goodbye to Romeo

How 'bout a slap in the face
You will become my disgrace
It always goes down just like this
Did you ever really know I'd bend and then I'd break?

Gone for awhile
Is what I'll be when I leave
Gone for awhile
There is nothing left of me
Track Name: Dispassionate
I don't know you
As you look away
Eye contact is so hard to make
When you know you can break

You look down at your feet
I turn and I phase out
I'm living in a fantasy
Give up my intimacy

I have done this before
Why do I even try?
I'm just gonna throw it all away
And you, you'll only want to stay

Save me from myself
I can't do this all alone
But where will I be, and when will I see
That this whole thing is my reality?
Track Name: Lazy in the Park
Lazy in the park, not a care in my mind
Sit down by a tree, time to get to know me
Remove my only skin, and then we can begin
To find out what's really inside

Killing time until I figure it all out
A second, a minute, an hour, a day
These all mean nothing to me once I begin
To find out what's really inside

Sleeping for a while, wake for a spell
Drifting side to side, is this heaven or hell?
Take my time for it's not worth it to speed
Patience is a virtue, but wisdom's what I need

Lazy in the park, not a care in my head
I'm staring, I'm dreaming, I've lost my way once again
I could find epiphany, but I'll sleep instead
To find out what's really inside

I'm going to see her there
Take off our clothes, no one will stare
A whisper from me to you
Of the one thing that I won't do
Keep the picture, keep the ring
Keep on playing, while she sings
Track Name: Deleterious Effect
Here I am again
Same old situation
Lives cross, intersect
A lonesome complication

I have no faith anymore
For things to work out right
Everybody needs someone
But still I avoid the light

Feeling warm and nestled
Under a caring, loving arm
But in the end I still will bend
And to me I may do harm

By and by, this time of mine
Don't worry 'bout me, I'll be fine

I choose what's chosen for me
I lose what's lost for me (and I take what's given)
I choose what's chosen for me
I lose what's lost for me

Bullets of rain
Shatter the ground like pain
Reverberation and intoxication
Continue to make me insane

Two months to go
What to do 'til then
The ties that bind why do I defend
When in the end...
We'll be no more
Stabbing at the guilt that I have in store
Track Name: Infallible
I can't be touched
I'm impervious
I'm dangerous
I might be a god

I have the skill
And I have the will
I'm not run o' the mill
Am I real or fraud?

I break the mold
I never grow old
Of this I'm told
That I can't lose

I'm not a fake
Don't know mistake
Your heart, I'll take
How can you refuse?

And when you try to find my weakness, you'll find
That I'm infallible all the time

Make a contract
And I'll surely act
On a legal pact
Won't break my word to you

Be your anything
Be your everything
Be your nothing thing
Be whatever I'm s'posed to

And when you try to find my weakness, you'll find
That I'm infallible all the time
There is nothing that I can't do or be
But this perfectionism don't come free
I may have searched far and wide for you
But to thine own self you gotta be true
Track Name: Parasite
Death by anxiety
That'll be the end of me
Clutching a handkerchief
A common riff for all to see

You take and you never give

Meteorologist in the mist
Partly cloudy
Saving my notes again
A stupid grin is on my face

Cancel this worthless trip
What a rip give me money back
Anything you wanna say?
That's what I thought, you're just a parasite

You take and you never give
This is no way to live
Track Name: Sallow
Good night, and goodbye
There's no more to be said tonight

Sallow, sallow is me

Take my hand, and go to sleep
There's no one who will hear you weep
Take me down, take me out
Take me down, I am astounded

Sallow, sallow is me

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